Self-Guided Sea Kayak Expeditions

[ Archipelago National Park | Includes: Planning Help & On-line Planning Map, Waterproof Maps, Outdoor gear, Sea kayaking gear, Transportation from / to Turku ]

Self-Guided 3-10 Day Archipelago Sea Kayaking

The Finnish Archipelago Sea is among the greatest areas in the world for self-guided multi-day sea kayaking adventures. With its thousands of wild islands perfect for camping, sheltered waters and the Archipelago National Park providing a unique possibility to experience silence and vast areas without encountering people, it is easy to fall in love with this place on earth

For individuals and private groups having the necessary skills to do sea kayaking expeditions without a guide, is is possible to choose our self-guided Archipelago Sea kayaking expedition package. In this package, we include:

  • On-line planning map and planning help before the expedition;
  • quality sea kayaking equipment;
  • quality outdoor equipment of your choice (we have tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, drybags, outdoor kitchens, and much more available and included in the price;
  • Aavameri's custom made waterproof maps;
  • transportation from Turku to the best launch spot for the weather forecast and group skills;
  • our professional guide helps you plan the area and route according with your skill level, the weather forecast and what you are most inclined to be interested in;

As supplements:

    • Gas bottles 450g, 9€/bottle (approx. 1 bottle per 2,5 days for 2-3 persons needed)
    • Basic Safety Course, 3-4 hours, 70€/peson. The course can be arranged as a start of the first day of your expedition. This is a course that we very warmly recommend to anyone who is at all unsure about their skills in one or many of the following: Deep water rescues skills, maneuvering techniques, towing techniques, archipelago navigation and map reading, expedition packing techniques. The course is customized according with your needs.


For safety reasons, Aavameri demands that th group has a ratio of at least one per three persons that have skills in deep water kayak rescues, good maneuvering skills and navigational skills.

We share an on-line planning map to all guests booking our services upon booking. This map includes good camping islands, nice places to visit, stores and places for water refill.

During your trip, we provide land support, such as daily weather forecasts as text messages, advice on route, and the possibility to change the pick-up place and time after the trip. It is possible for you to select cottage accommodation on islands during the trip for one night or many as a supplement, all cottages we provide include a private sauna by the beach.

Example itinerary for 3-10 day Self-Guided Kayaking Expedition in the Archipelago National Park

First day

Pickup at 9am or when most suitable for you from your accommodation in Turku, from the Turku bus or train station or from Turku airport. We bring all the equipment with us, and take you out to a nice beach for the start of your journey, stopping by at a food store if you want to, We go through the map of the archipelago together with you, showing you places worth to visit, good camping islands, shops and water refill places, and have a look at the equipment that Aavameri provides for you. If you have bags and equipment that you do not wish to take along on the trip, we will store these for you and take them with us when we meet at the end of your trip.

Following days

Stay in the more protected inner archipelago or paddle out to the outer, more open archipelago depending on your skill level and the wind conditions. There are new amazing places to explore around each corner. Visit one of the beautifu archipelago villages, take a swim and catch a glimpse of the seals, sea eagles and other fascination archipelago inhabitants in their natural surroundings. Choose your favourite places for camping along your route amongst the thousands of uninhabited islands, or reach your island with cottage accommodation if you have chosen such as a supplement. The area with islands in the Archipelago Sea and Turku archipelago stretches 140 kilometers from east to west and around 70 kilometers from north to south - making it an area perfect for up to week-long or evenmany week long expeditions. The archipelago consists of both islands with forests and often cottages or even small archipelago villages, and further out south barren skerries and wild areas where you rarely meet other living things than the seaa birds, seals and fresh water fish below the sea surface. 

Last day

Pickup from the beach where you finnish your expedition is usually arranged so that we get to Turku at 5pm, but the pick-up time is adapted to what you want. We take you back to Turku to the accommodation or other place you decide. 


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  • Location: Archipelago Sea
  • When: May to September
  • Duration: 2-14 days
  • Levels: 3 Intermediate
  • Price includes: Transportation, Sea Kayaking Equipment, Planning help, Waterproof maps, Land support, Outdoor Equipment (tents, kitchens, air mattresses, sleeping bags and more available)
  • Price: 268€ / person for three days, +40€/person/day for extra days (minimum price is for two persons)
  • What to Bring: Your own outdoor clothes and outdoor gear


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Aavameri is a International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
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International Sea Kayak Guide Alliance ***** Training Center
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Aavameri is a Sustainable Travel Finland -labelled company
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